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Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc.


Tom Stefan , Chief Financial Officer

The National Club Toronto

TMS® is a clean technology company which designs and installs vertical WAVEdri® microwave reactors to dry and process coal, clay and biomass, including wood fibre in some of the world’s largest industries. Our mission is to revolutionize the industrial drying industry by providing a cleaner and more efficient technology. We eliminate toxic emissions, reduce energy requirements and replace traditional drying machinery that is expensive and has a large footprint.

  • Aphria Inc.


    Vic Neufeld , CEO

    Toronto, ON

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    • 00:37:13

    Aphria, a company continued under the laws of the Province of Ontario and based in Leamington, Ontario, is in the business of producing, supplying and selling medical marijuana pursuant to the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (the "MMPR"). Under the MMPR, Health Canada is responsible for the oversight of commercial medical marijuana growers such as Aphria. Aphria

  • VolitionRx Limited


    Cameron Reynolds, President and CEO

    National Club, Toronto

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    • 00:23:29

    Volition is a multi-national company developing simple, easy to use blood-based cancer tests to accurately diagnose a range of cancers. The tests are based on the science of Nucleosomics which is the practice of identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the bloodstream - an indication that cancer is present. Volition's goal is to make the tests as common and simple to use, for both patients and doctors, as existing diabetic and cholesterol blood tests.

  • Apivio Systems Inc.


    David Pais, CFO

    National Club Toronto

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    • 00:21:07

    Apivio Systems Inc. is engaged in the design, development, marketing, and sale of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications equipment and software. We have a Korean subsidiary with a history of supplying VoIP telephone equipment and other products to major Korean and international telecommunications carriers.

  • Lomiko Metals


    A.Paul Gill, President and CEO

    National Club, Toronto

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    • 00:18:36

    Lomiko Metals Inc. TSXV: LMR, OTC: LMRMF) is exploring for lithium and graphite in Quebec, It's 100% owned subsidiary Lomiko Technologies has investments in Graphene 3D Lab, a publicly traded graphene stock (TSXV: GGG and OTC: GPHBF), is a 40% holder of private companies Graphene Energy Storage Devices and 11% shareholder of Smart Home Devices.