About Talk-Deck

What's a Talk-Deck and How Do You Use it?

Why Talk-Deck?

Have you ever given a PowerPoint presentation and asked yourself who else should be watching this? That’s why we invented Talk-Deck. Talk-Deck lets you turn any live presentation into an interactive two screen online presentation, so you can share your story with anybody, anytime, anywhere, in just minutes.

Talk-Deck Online Presentation shown on monitor

What is a ‘Talk-Deck’?

  • Talk-Deck is an Online Presentation Platform that enables anyone to quickly easily and inexpensively produce an interactive two screen online presentation.
  • A Talk-Deck is the online presentation created by the Talk-Deck platform.

Think YouTube and SlideShare combined into one, controlled by precise interactive control. It’s a quick, easy and powerful way to reach out to all those who missed your original presentation because Talk-Deck re-creates the experience of watching a live presentation.

How do you use a Talk-Deck?

You can share your Talk-Deck with anybody, anywhere! Embed it on your or any website. Send it out in an email. Post it to social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

How You Make a Talk-Deck

Sign-Up for Free Account

Step One: sign up for your free account and try out Talk-Deck for 30 days at no cost

Decide if Talk-Deck works for you. When you’re ready, there are four different Talk-Deck account types: FREE, Starter, Presenter, and Keynoter. One is sure to meet your needs. When you sign up, be sure to download the free Talk-Deck PowerPoint Add-in which will automatically synchronize your slides and video when you make a presentation. And by the way, your 30 day trial doesn’t start until you create and publish your first presentation. So you’ve got lots of time to plan, prepare, and record your video and slide presentations. If you need help or want more information, just give us a call or email us. We’d love to help you make your first Talk-Deck presentation. 438-288-3501 or info@talk-deck.com.

Record video or audio-only track

Step Two: Record your presentation

Record a video or audio-only track of your presenter making a presentation accompanied by a speaker support slide deck playing from a laptop computer with the Talk-Deck PowerPoint Add-in installed. The Add-In automatically synchronizes your video or audio track with your slides. You can download the Talk-Deck PowerPoint Add-in from the Talk-Deck Support Site.

Upload your video/audio-only and slide files

Step Three: Upload your presentation files and let the Talk-Editor process create your online presentation

Do some basic editing of your video to cut out any extra footage at the beginning or end of your video, then upload your video, slides, and the slide list synchronization track created by the Talk-Deck PowerPoint Add-In to talk-deck.com. If your video, slides, and slide list have been properly prepared there will be little to do but input a description of your presentation, preview your presentation and choose the Feature Image used to identify your presentation. When you’ve finished (it usually take no more than 10 minutes once you get hang of it) post your new Talk-Deck to your user page.

Share your Talk-Deck Online Presentation with anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Step Four: Share your new Talk-Deck with the world

There are many different ways to share your Talk-Deck. You can embed it on your or any website, share it in an email, or post it to any social media such as your Facebook page, LinkedIn, or Twitter. It’s a quick, easy and powerful way to reach out to all those who missed your original presentation because talk deck re-creates the experience of watching a live presentation.