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On these pages you can view all Public presentations on Talk-Deck in various groups or categories. Talk-Deck presentations can be public, private or hidden:

  • Private presentations appear only on individual User Pages.
  • Public presentations selected by the Talk-Deck Editorial Staff appear on the Main Page.
  • All Public presentations appear on their respective Category pages.
  • Hidden ('Saved for review', Draft) presentations can only be seen if you have the presentation link.

Main Page


  • 1. Feature Slider - 3-7 presentations of particular interest
  • 2. Latest Presentations - additional presentations of particular interest
  • 3. Popular Presentations - public presentations ranked in order of popularity
  • 4. Recommended Presentations - of special interest


  • Users can assign presentations to one of a number of categories when they publish. All public presentations appear on their respective Category page.
  • Category pages look the same as the Main page except they don't have the 'Feature' Slider or the 'Latest/Recommended/Popular' tab set.

You can watch a Talk-Deck presentation 3 different ways: Browser view, Full Screen view, and Showtime! view.


Playback - browser view

  • 1/ Video Screen
  • 2/ Slide screen
  • 3/ Interactive slide list
  • 4/ Interactive slide mini-bar
  • 5/ Share menu (embed, pdf, email, share)
  • 6/ Presentation Reverse - video left < > right
  • 7/ Playback 1:1 - both screens same size
  • 8/ Playback Reverse - video/slide screens interchange
  • 9/ Presentation Full Screen - browser disappears
  • 10/ Full screen slides
  • 11/ Full screen video
  • 12/ Audio control
  • 13/ Video controls
  • 14/ Video Timeline

Pressing the 'Full Screen' icon (#9) plays the presentation full screen (no browser frame)

Playback full screen

Playback - full screen view

  • 1/ Pressing the 'Full Screen' icon or the 'Esc' button restores presentation to browser mode

'Showtime' mode

Playback - full screen 'showtime' view

  • Not moving the mouse for 10 seconds switches on the Full Screen/Showtime mode so you can watch the presentation just as if you were there at the live presentation.
  • Only presenter and presented material are visible.

Watching a talk-deck presentation in 'showtime' view
is the next best thing to be there

Once you've recorded your presenter video, you just need to just register and login, then start creating your Talk-Deck presentation. It's a 4 step process:

  • 1/ Information
  • 2/ Upload
  • 3/ Edit
  • 4/ Publish

Tab 1 - information

Tab 1 - information

  • details and description of presentation
  • the only mandatory information is the title but we suggest putting all the information to help search engines find your presentation (SEO)

Tab 2 - upload

Tab 2 - upload

  • 1/ upload Video file
  • 2/ upload Slide (.pptx) file
  • 3/ upload Slide List file with titles and synchronization timings
  • 4/ indicates timeline upload was satisfactory
  • 5/ wait till 'Continue' button lights up before proceeding to tab 3

Tab 3 - creator/editor

Tab 3 - creator/editor

Synchronize video and slides here

  • 1/ Video Screen
  • 2/ Slide Screen
  • 3/ Current Video Time/Total Video Time in mm:ss:ff (frames)
  • 4/ Upper Timeline - slide advance times. Move to change slide timing.
  • 5/ Thumbnail selector (video time, slide #)
  • 6/ Video position marker
  • 7/ Video control: (rew., frame rev., stop, play, frame fwd., ff)
  • 8/ Set marker - sychronize slides
  • 9/ Current slide/total slides
  • 10/ Timeline zoom
  • 11/ Lower timeline - slide image intervals
  • 12/ Simple/Advance Editor Toggle
  • 13/ Slide advance adjustment
  • 14/ Export Synch track
  • 15/ Save changes
  • 16/ Preview presentation
  • 17/ Continue to Tab 4

Tab 4 - publish

Tab 4 - publish

Publish your presentation here

  • 1/ Talk-Deck 'Tripicon' - composite of video and slide thumbnails and 'Play' button
  • 2/ Slide Description
  • 3/ Presentation Publishing Status
  • 4/ Presentation Category
  • 5/ Thumbnail indicator
  • 6/ Save for draft review (hidden)
  • 7/ Presentation Publishing Choice
  • 8/ Publish button
  • 9/ Preview button

The User Page is unique to each user because it contains any presentations created by and selected by the user to appear on the User Page. The User Page can also contain 'Favourite' presentations of the user selected to appear on that user's User Page.

User page

User page

Very similar to Main Page in layout except contains no 'Feature' slider or Latest/Popular

  • 1/ User profile and logo/personal pic
  • 2/ Latest comments about user's presentations

User dashboard

User dashboard

Only accessible to you after logging in. All your presentations are listed here and you can edit, rank and delete them. This is where you will find viewing statistics, tips on how to make better presentations, messages from the Talk-Deck Administrator etc.

  • 1/ Submenu of individual information tabs
  • 2/ All your uploaded presentations with information about their Publish/Private/Draft status, and buttons to show/hide them, edit, delete, etc.
  • 3/ Latest comments
  • 4/ Your Favourites ranked in order.

Dashboard/User profile

Dashboard/user profile

  • Contains information about your company (Corporate account) or yourself (Personal account) if you want to enter it. This helps viewers know you better and helps us serve you better.
  • Some of the information entered here is also included on your User Page as your Public Profile information



  • Use this to determine the display order of presentations on your User Page, both Uploads and Favourites
  • Note that when you upload a presentation, in order to display it on your User page, you must go into the Ranking Page and put it into the position you want. It will appear on the bottom of the list. You can leave it there or move anywhere you want.
  • #1 Display/Do Not Display Toggle
  • #2 Ranking mover: Move Up or Down as desired