Glossary of Talk-Deck Terms

‘Player’ Buttons

At the bottom of the ‘Player Screen you will find the bottom menu bar contianing a number of sound control and screen configuration icons.  All buttons have rollover label indicating their functionality but here is a little more detail.

The left side icons are standard sound control buttons, so they will not be elaborated on  here.

The right side icons, from left to right are:

  • ‘Share’ – provides a number of different ways to share your presentation
  • ‘Switch Sides’ – manually moves the video screen from left side the right side
  • ‘One-to-One’ – makes the video and slide screen the same size, putting beside each other.
  • ‘Switch Video/Slides’ – turns the video screen from the smaller of the two screens to the larger, and back again.
  • ‘Video Fullscreen’ – makes the video screen the only visible screen.
  • ‘Slide Fullscreen’ –  makes the slide screen the only visible screen.
  • ‘Presentation Fullscreen‘ – fills the whole screen with presentation.

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